03. Fairy Flora
October 2023

In this installation, the experience begins by welcoming viewers to position themselves in close proximity to the artwork and walk along the strip. Thus, appreciating the delicacy of the flowers. This intimacy forges an interactive connection, enticing the audience to explore the intricacies  within the piece.

While this piece is a physical journey for one to experience, it is also a collation of hundreds of flora imagery that I have collected over the last decade. I wanted the piece to have a dual response to a journey of colour. Specifically where one can physically delve on a journey appreciating the intricacy and detailed of colours and flora and transcend materiality. The work also reflects my own journey of colour through the lens of flora.

This installation is an exploration of the natural world, focusing particularly on the delicate beauty of flora, especially petals. Each element in this piece is meticulously crafted with a special emphasis on manipulating the colours. Through this manipulation of colour, I aim to create a mesmerising and enchanting palette that brings a sense of playfulness and magic to the viewer.

I wanted one to feel as if they are looking at an array of flowers as through the eyes of something as magical as a playful child or a fairy. The artwork becomes a portal, transporting the audience back to a time when the world was full of endless possibilities and everyday objects held the potential for extraordinary adventures.

This art installation functions as a gateway of nostalgia, reigniting the enchantment and awe of one’s formative years. It doesn’t merely present an experience for passive observation, but encourages active engagement, affording viewers the opportunity to revisit treasured sentiments from their past. It stands as a testament to the timeless capacity of art to elicit profound, emotional reactions and to bind us to our dearest recollections.