04. PerspeXtive
September 2023

This piece is a tiny treasure chest of colours and delight that unfolds through the harmonious interplay of acrylic sheets and artificial light. I utilised otherwise discarded Perspex off-cuts, demonstrating the immense potential in reusing and repurposing materials that might otherwise go to waste. This serves as a testament that we can craft something truly magnificent with materials around us, embodying the spirit of creativity and sustainability simultaneously.

Perspex was readily accessible to me, so I deep dived into experimentation with this material. I realised it was important to me that this piece was not just one surface but something that would cast its radiance upon people and their immediate surroundings. The interplay of coloured light and its reflections onto individuals fosters a sense of personal connection, as it bathes viewers in a spectrum of hues, engulfing them in a transformative and holistic experience.

A notable feature of this artwork is its modularity. I wanted to ensure that the piece could be easily disassembled, making it re-usable and readily transportable. Another significant aspect of this creation is its analogue nature. In an era where technology often dominates our production, I deliberately chose to craft this artwork hands-on and without technological assistance. This decision conveys that although our imminent world is saturated with digital tools and technologies, the human touch will forever be important in creating one-of-a-kind designs. The piece may appear as if it has been modelled digitally or fabricated, but it ultimately came down to a reiterative process of hands-on trial and error.

Central to the experience of this artwork is the interplay of coloured light. As one gazes through the fluorescent acrylics, the light undergoes a captivating transformation, creating an array of various colours. This transformation also results in the projection of sharp, vivid colours onto the walls and surrounding surfaces, enveloping viewers in a dynamic visual landscape. The environment itself becomes a canvas for the interplay of colours and shapes, inviting viewers to engage with the piece on a sensory level.

This artwork is a testament to the power of immersive, sensory installations, repurposing the repurposable while also challenging one’s perception of colour. This work is a tangible introspection into the idea that beauty and wonder can be found all around us, waiting to be discovered through creative ingenuity and a fresh PerspeXtive.