06. Mezzanine Realm
June 2022

The ‘Mezzanine Realm’ explores feelings of creativity, curiosity and imagination. The brief detailed a space that, through exploration of the layers of design, dwelled on ideas of impermanence, self reflection and wellbeing.

The proposal puts a particular focus on memory and nostalgia. The form abstractly depicts the feelings of a memorable childhood space, a secluded fairy garden between hedges. A place that was simple yet sparked imagination and creativity.

These feelings of fascination and fantasy are ignited as soon as one enters the original building and notices the bulging, holographic and glistening form overflowing out of the mezzanine level. The dreamy form sparks questions. What is it? Why is it there? Is there more?

Walking up the steps, one can start to see the stringy frosted slats dotted with warm orbs of light. These vertical slats act as a guide to the path to be led. Their translucent form allows privacy between occupants yet does not take away the idea that your are not alone, and are connected. The bulging rounding blobs act as seating for either one person or a small group. The holographic shiny structure portrays ideas of magic and fantasy. The soft hints of every colour reflect concepts of imagination and creativity. With every colour, the form can be whatever one wants it to be. The warm light orbs organically dotted through serve two purposes. To maximise light above wear occupants may sit but also to further depict the concept of a mystical realm.